I have to report that today, after 2 days absence at work due to fever, I received a donation for Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl program for 100 dollars. Noting the dramatic change in my voice half way through the script, I literally sounded as though I had croaked. My voice cracked and curdled after the second proposal to the point where I had broken a cold sweat, coughing, it literally sounded as though there was a demon somewhere inside my lungs the pitch had changed so dramatically. #norsedeathmetal #t-issue #malaria101 




The principle is not that an individual state is overtly self reflexive but that it is individual and unique in its own circumstance. The fact that the individual requires an understanding of self in order to sustain oneself is a matter of understanding in its own self awareness. The concept of existence as acknowledgement of self is indefinite, and its indefinite means to understanding of oneself ( self understanding ) is therefore self reflexive and is the result of redundancy. Only then the subject is able to understand oneself and therefore exist as a conscious entity. The idealized understanding of self is an entity that does not exist in isolation but also within the point in fact that the individual exists in a realm that is a byproduct of itself and also is a result of external perceptions of the idealized subject in being as part of a whole. The concept of self identification as a byproduct of otherness is also an ability to differentiate between ones self and one’s surroundings. The point in fact is that the self as understood as an independent factor is not a substantiative benefit to the concept of enlightenment or transcendence. 

Point in being, is that enlightenment can be achieved most substantially through self identification created through a sense of individualized isolation and understanding through self reflexivity, the inhibition of otherness in the state of mind in subjective state inhibits transcendence and in doing so reinforces the immaterial nature of the metaphysical state. These inferences in a state of conscious existence caused by otherness are not in a way to be diverted but abstracted through communication. The basic inhibitions caused by an instinctive nature to  the human intelligence is both an abstraction ( at that ) and a differentiation between consciousnesses. 

The space between the fractions in separate consciousnesses are therefore indicative of depth, merely a subject in space and time, and the metaphysical distance that the cognation is able to travel within this given space and time. Say for example if (x) is the point of departure between the individuals state of mind and (y) the “other” variable, the distance measured in time in its non metaphysical state of being as a substantive variable measured in an increment similar to the  ability of an individual to commemorate and memorialize the ability or the capacity of a room’s ability to hold air. The distance that (x) travels from (y) through not necessarily space but through time, intervals measured most notably by the distance the mind theoretically travels from that initial concept of collective or shared consciousness. The idea of this perception as an identified state is something that is notably independent and simultaneously shared. The time that the consciousness spends independent of any external sources is indicative of a hypothetical juxtaposition of depth. The depth measured normatively ( say for example ) through creative means, for example through the phonetic language fracturing the experience and simultaneously and individually developing their own means to perception independently aside from the collective thought. 


If the principal of our existence is based upon syntax and our subjective understanding on how to divulge in the current actuality, both metaphysically and spiritually then to redefine rewhat is the nature of being. How is it that society evolves, how do our daily participations in the inevitable institution of governmental state differ aside from mere * REM CYCLIST * states of consciousness. Notably the differentiation from resiprocation of past ideals in the form of self awareness, the hyper exaggeration of the physical form, identification by regarding ones understanding of gender, sexual orientation, and also the extremities in emphasizing our presence outside of the metaphysical state.

Say for example the individual who is trapped within state of human consciousness as a result of the deprivation and a hyper-exaggerated understanding of human existence. The compression of textually based ( Neo-Liberal ) extremity results in a state of over exaggerated awareness in the subjects state of physical being. The understanding of our identification, as a sense of self identification due to the nature of physical form.

Noting perspectives in and on, Phenomenology&/ self actualization