If the principal of our existence is based upon syntax and our subjective understanding on how to divulge in the current actuality, both metaphysically and spiritually then to redefine rewhat is the nature of being. How is it that society evolves, how do our daily participations in the inevitable institution of governmental state differ aside from mere * REM CYCLIST * states of consciousness. Notably the differentiation from resiprocation of past ideals in the form of self awareness, the hyper exaggeration of the physical form, identification by regarding ones understanding of gender, sexual orientation, and also the extremities in emphasizing our presence outside of the metaphysical state.

Say for example the individual who is trapped within state of human consciousness as a result of the deprivation and a hyper-exaggerated understanding of human existence. The compression of textually based ( Neo-Liberal ) extremity results in a state of over exaggerated awareness in the subjects state of physical being. The understanding of our identification, as a sense of self identification due to the nature of physical form.

Noting perspectives in and on, Phenomenology&/ self actualization