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This is a notation on the potentiality of myself coming to terms with the concept of life insurance. What is the meaning of this corporate world I am and am not familiarized with. I am very interested in this ability to develop my skills as a potential financial advisor. Although I am more recently coming to terms with the idea that many of these potential job opportunities are things that are not potentially timing out to be as I had hoped. Something like door to door sales makes me uneasy. I remember when I was beginning at iQor, I had developed this uneasy feeling as though I was unsure if the organization was a scam. Something to do with trusting a company and trusting an organization, first of all to pay the employees but also to be a professional company that is respectable in the ways of business. I think this becomes increasingly challenging with the digital evolution of the internet, every consumer is a publisher and therefore has the right to an opinion. It becomes more and more difficult for a business to maintain a state of propriety and dignity if they are subject to the opinion of the mass minority at that, not to say that if the majority had an opinion that it would be a positive one or a negative one at that either. The odd individual that does decide to stand forward to voice an opinion and determine its standings in legitimacy and therefore become the predominant opinion.

Also though these things are necessary for the obvious reasons, the city is huge and there are so many businesses trying to succeed that legitimacy is obviously of uppermost importance. For example a number of times I have encountered scam artists demanding money for services that are not even applicable, holding things like furniture and personal belongings hostage. After phoning the police finding out that the organizations are illegal, and that there were a number of robberies throughout the city... And also being informed that the 200 dollars in one case was lost permanently, myself being 20, and my little sister being 17 we were obviously in a state of horror. I feel as though this incident was enough to put me into a state of post traumatic depression, as my parents had just been divorced recently, and I can only think about the psychological damage it may have caused my sister at the time, seeing as she too was subject to the helplessness of being hustled by a large group of full grown men at night time ( under the guise of moving men ).

I also feel a sense of terror recalling the time I had followed through on a fake craigslist add. This being at the age of 24 when I was moving into a place in liberty village, and